iLabOL Integration


iLab Online (iLabOL) is a web module of Laboratory Information System (LIS) iLab. It is a consistent set of web pages (aspx) as well as set of web services. Web pages are intended for end-user (patients, doctors and clinics/funds) use, whereas web services allows integration with external systems such a Hospital Information Systems (HIS), dynamic web sites, etc. There are two types of web services - SOAP and RESTFul. Other types of integrations, such as HL7 are available upon request. Wherever it's possible, LOINC should be used for mapping tests across systems. Ask laboratory running this site if it uses real LOINC codes or fake substitutions.

SOAP Web Services

Here you can get list of functions as well as WSDL. Note that most of services can throw exceptions - SOAP Faults, according to SOAP specification. Message, error code and some more info you can find in Detals node. From other hand, some of fuctions (these returning OperCRUDResult object), can indicate for errors throug OperCRUDResult itself. SOAP Faults comming from server with HTTP error - 500 Internal Server Error.

Example of XML in detail section of SOAP Failure:

    <ErrorMessage>Some error message</ErrorMessage>

WARNING: By default, this site is set to automatically check if client's browser accept coockies or not. This check is made by .NET and IIS. As a side effect, Web Services may be routed with "Object Moved" answer. Depending on deploument envirinment and type of SOAP client, it may stop working. If tath's your case, you need to append to the service's URL

List of error codes, returned with exceptions (ErrorNumber):

Mandatory properties in SimpleOrderDTO object:

List of error codes in OperCRUDResult object:

List of codes, used for sorting in GetVisitsList function:

RESTFul Web Services

These services are designated for web site integration and similar use. Their response headers contains "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *" helping you to use them across "Same origin policy" barrier i.e. implements CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing). Get list of RESTFul services from here.

As a part of REST services, there is a "service" that returns default laboratory's pricelist in PDF or XLS format. It can be reached here. There is one optional GET parameter for setting output format - format with known values PDF or XLS. If no such pareameter is set, PDF is assumed.

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